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Despite June 22 and 23 being a weekend full of celebrations due to summer solstice, for the Latvia motocross racer Pauls Jonass this meant once again lining up for the 10th round of FIM World Motocross Championship, which happened in Teutschenthal, Germany.

During the qualification race Pauls earned 8th place after leading a solid, steady moto. Despite not being able to tackle the Top5, the athlete was satisfied with his performance in the sneaky track. It is worth noting that after the impressive crash that Pauls had earlier during the free practice caused no real damage. The self-proclaimed freestyle rider admitted afterwards that he had only hit his tight a little, but had not sustained any other injuries.

On Sunday during the 1st moto it was visible that a long and strenuous workday was ahead of the racers. After a successful start, Pauls left the holeshot line being 6th. Unfortunately, like in so many previous races, the young athlete got arm pump as the clock was closing to the 10 minute mark, which resulted in Jonass having to slow down the pace he had uptaken. Pauls finished in the 10th place, the position being adequate for the racing performance he had shown during the race without any huge mistakes.

The start of the 2nd race as well as the race itself was one of the best runs of Jonass’ career in the MXGP class. Seconds after crossing the starting gate, Pauls managed to sit behind the race leader Tim Gajser and not let him too far out of his sight, being able to follow the Slovenian closely and pick up the better ruts. The Latvian did not lose his rhythm and finished strong, managing to come out of the MXGP of Germany with a 4th overall, losing only 1 point to the 3rd place.

“I think that we were able to get through two solid motos. I am especially delighted about the second race, during which I was fit enough to keep close to the leader and miss out on any silly mistakes. It is a pity that I was not able to pick up that 1 point which would have put me on the podium: however, there is a chance that the sight of me being closer to the front of the pack becomes more and more relevant,” says the Latvian. 

After a cheerful weekend like this, there is a bit of time to dwell on the positive memories. In two weeks time, the elite of motocross will pack their bags and sail to the exotic Indonesia for the 11th and 12th round of the MXGP.

Written by Nikola Serge

Image by Juan Pablo Acevedo

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