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The last two stages of the Motocross World Championship were held in the country of Indonesia. Latvian Pauls Jonass finished 5th in the first one of the rounds; however, he was able to regroup and fought back to earn the 2nd place at the MXGP of Asia. After both of the stages Pauls is still the leader of the championship despite the fact that both he and his teammate  Jorge Prado has the same amount of points.

“You could tell by looking at the points table that these two rounds were not my most successful ones” starts Pauls. “During the first round in Indonesia the track was very soft with deep ruts – the type of circuit that I do not find too appealing for me. In the first moto I managed to come through second, a position that I was quite pleased with. During the second race the start was good and everything else seemed to be fine, but after four laps I completely lost my rhytm and begin struggling a lot. This cost me a few positions, and I ended up crossing the finish line in the 7th place. I was quite disappointed in myself.”

“I liked the second track in Indonesia – I had both the speed and the physical ability to compete for the top spots on the podium. You could clearly see that during the first moto that I won. Sadly, bad luck was literally just around the corner as I crashed shortly after the start where the track was very wet and slick. The moment my bike was on the solid part of that turn, the front wheel went sliding and I fell down. After this episode, I was forced to fight my way up from the back of the pack; I managed to climb to the 6th position which gave me a 2nd place overall. Unfortunately, I had some back luck this time, which is a shame since I was feeling very well both physically and mentally.”

There are only 7 stages of the championship separating the riders from the end of the season. “Prado and I are now starting from scratch again. Nothing has been lost yet, the main battles are still in front of us. The next couple of GPs will be held in tracks that I dig, so training hard and giving my best I what I intend to do now.”

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