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Latvian motocross racer Pauls Jonass earned a third place finish last weekend in the sandy track of Ottobiano in Italy during the 11th stage of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The pints advantage over his teammate Jorge Prado has shrunken to just 9 points.

Whan asked about the last weekend, Pauls admitted that the speed he showed on the track was good, but he had some other things to worry about as well. “Unfortunately, the Italian GP didn’t turn out as good as I expected it to be. Yes, a third place finish is not too bad; however, it is not what we wanted to achieve before the start. Sadly, the starts were not as good as I anticipated. After I had passed the crowd that I was behind, my closest rivals were already way ahead and I could not catch up due to the lack of time. The speed was good, but I just couldn’t find the right rythm. Some other issues were also present – during the first moto my hand started to feel numb which is why I couldn’t really hold the bike. In the second moto during the last 10 minutes the blisters on my hands burst, so the last few laps I was holding back tears as the pain was so bad” Pauls tells us.

The Latvian admits that Prado seems to be in a very good physical condition which is why he needs to put in the additional work to surpass his teammate. “My teammate Prado is in a very good form and is riding really well. He is a very serious rival, that’s why I have a lot of space for improvement to be able to secure my spot at the top of the overall points standings. We’ll keep working hard to increase the points gap in Indonesia and to be on the highest step of the podium once again. At the moment, we are focusing on the riding part of my  trainings because I’m physically fit enough,” adds Pauls by saying that he needs to increase the intensity of the riding practices.

“There are still 450 points “on the table” which is why the real fight is still ahead. Nothing is over!” he grins mischievously.

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