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Pauls had another perfect weekend winning both races on Sunday at the third “Grand Prix” of the year at the sunny Red Sand MX Park in Spain.

Only a week has passed since the GP of Valkenswaard, which turned out to be one of the most demanding stages of the whole calendar because of the dreadful conditions the athletes had to face. Of course, such pace requires a lot of physical fitness. When asked about his last week’s training routine, Pauls admitted that the main goal of this week was to stay relatively calm and gather his energy after the exhausting weekend in the Netherlands.

“Last GP was very demanding which is why I only trained a little on Monday and Tuesday doing some exercises at the gym to recover; however, on Wednesday and Thursday I continued where I left off in my regular routine by doing some racing and agility exercises, and I had to fly to Spain on Friday. The week literally flew by so I tried to keep myself as fit as possible since there’s not much you can improve fitness-wise when there’s a GP every weekend. The upcoming weekend will be free so I’ll manage to squeeze in some more time at the gym”.

Just like he did in Neuquen and Valkenswaard, Pauls managed to stay mistake-free during the whole weekend in Spain which earned him another spot at the top step of the podium. “Saturday went well since I managed to win the qualification race. Saturday was also great, I felt very strong physically so it was relatively easy to stay in the front of the pack even though I was closely followed by my rivals. They gave me that extra boost of motivation to stay alert and not make any mistakes. I think I managed to stay in control the whole time so that led me to another “Grand Prix” victory” says the athlete who will soon be packing his bags to go to the next stage in Italy.

The “Red Bull KTM Factory Racing”  racer admitted that he did not expect to have this kind of start to the season. “I honestly did not expect to go 1-1 on the first three rounds for sure; however, it feels amazing to have the hard work that we put in during the winter pay off. My team and I have to keep working to keep up the the bar that we’ve set so far.”

Pauls will spend the Easter at his home in Belgium but there are some very special guests coming to visit him. “I won’t go home this time but my family’s coming to visit for the long weekend. I’ll finally be able to relax a bit and spend some time with my loved ones, and recharge my batteries for the rest of the season.”

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