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It is no secret that Pauls loves the track in Patagonia. After his spectacular performance over the weekend there is no doubt that the reigning champion isn’t here to mess around.

“The weekend turned out to be great since I won all the motos on both days,” says Pauls. “It really was a perfect start of the season, and I am very, very satisfied. I feel great since the work that we put in during the off-season seems to be paying off; also, it meants that we’ve been working in the right direction. Nonetheless, it was only the first round so there is no reason to get excited. We have to keep working because there’s along season ahead of us.”

Pauls did not manage to get the holeshot in the opening moto of the year; however, he regrouped and won the race. “I missed the gate drop just a bit and it cost me the holeshot. Anyway, I managed to somehow squeeze through the pack of riders and came out of the second turn in 5th place. After that I kept everything under control and noticed that the guy who was leading at that moment did no trun off too far so I found my ruts that alowed me to catch up and pass him.”

The second moto was a lot more successful in terms of getting a good start which let Pauls to take the lead during the first lap. “The second start was a lot better. I felt great so the race was a lot easier. I managed to keep the gap between me and the rider in the second place consistent all moto long. I was racing without any stress and had a lot of fun.”

This was the second year in a row for Pauls to win the Grand Prix of Argentina by winning both motos. He admitted that the track and it’s surroundings give him a loto f positive vibes. “I like everything about Argentina –people, food, nature, and, of course, the fans. Mixed together, these factors create an amazing atmosphere in which I love to compete and do my best” admits Pauls as he prepares to fly back home to Belgium to prepare for the next GP, taking place in Valkenswaard, The Netherlands, on March 17 an 18.

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