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Pauls Jonass won the sixth stage of the Motocross World Championship on Tuesday in the track of Orylonok, Russia, securing his spot as the overall points classification leader.

Pauls was the fastest on both days winning qualification race and the final motos. Thanks to this, he has now extended the lead over his teammate Jorge Prado and is 20 points ahead.

“I’m glad I was able to have two solid days of racing. I felt really well after the practice so I knew that the races should go my way as well. I managed to get the holeshot in the qualification race on Monday and to control the whole moto. At the beginning of the first moto I was in second position but managed to pass Prado quite quickly at the end of the first lap and lead the rest of the race. In the second moto I was leading the pack again but lost focus a bit, which led to Jorge catching up on me at the very last lap. Nonetheless, I saved that position and won the race again.” comments Pauls.

The racer admits that he was at a low when it came to physical fitness over the last couple of rounds. “I’m feeling great now. Italy and Portugal was quite unlucky for me since I was physically weaker; however, I put in a lot of work before this race and it obviously paid off.”

Before the MXGP of Latvia, which will take place in Kegums on May 12 and 13, Pauls will also participate in a Latvian Motocross championship stage happening on May 6 in Aizpute.

“I will continue to work following my training program so that I can successfully take par tin the competition in Aizpute and afterwards have a quality home GP. This stage of the championship is always special since I can race in front of my fans and feel the support in all parts of the racs and off of it as well. I haven’t won this GP though which is why we’ll put in the extra work to make it happen this year.”

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