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The eighth stage of the FIM Motocross World Championship was held yesterday at the German track in Teutschenthal, where Pauls Jonass gained the second place in the MX2 classification.

Jorge Prado turned out to be the fastest guy in the qualifying race while Pauls was second. In the first moto Jonass managed to stay unbeaten cashing in his ninth race win; however, in the second moto Prado couldn’t be stopped and came through to win the MXGP of Germany. After this GP, Pauls still remains 22 points ahead of his teammate in the overall classification.

“Overall this was a good weekend for me because I neither won nor lost points. Of course, we’re always trying to win but this time Jorge was better. I won the first moto which was great; at the beginning of the second race Prado was able to run away form the rest of the guys while I got a little stuck behind Henri Jacobi. When I had passed him, Prado had already extended the gap to 6 seconds. Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t catch up and reduce the gap. Overall we earned the same amount of points but he won the second race and the GP overall. I am quite satisfied since this track is not one of my favorite ones” admits Jonass.

Pauls also told us that the riding was easier this time because there was no pressure of being the home-town hero like it was in Kegums. “The emotions had settled after Kegums so I had a clear mind this time. I love my fans and seeing them all around the track but it’s a lot to handle on weekends like that one. Still, I am beyond grateful for their support.”

The next MX2 stage is in two weeks time, during which Pauls and his team will follow their training schedule and prepare for the next competition. “I have a weekend off now after which I’ll be busy three weekends in a row. I like the tracks in Great Britain, France, and Italy so I’m looking forward to the upcoming races. We’ll be putting in some extra work over the next two weeks so that I’m prepared for Matterley Basin. I’m feeling great physically and mentaly so everything’s alright.”

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