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The MXGP of Lommel ended with the victory of the young Spaniard Jorge Prado during the 15th sage of the FIM Motocross World Championship last Sunday. Last year’s champion Jonass ended up being 5th, and the points gap between the two riders has increased to 28.

Pauls admits that during this GP the luck obviously wasn’t on his his side. “On Saturday everything went smoothly, I had a good race and earned the 2nd spot for Sunday’s gate pick. On Sunday, during the first moto I was trying to follow my teammate Jorge closely to pass him on one of the last laps, but one of the lappers got in the way, so I lost my rhythm and fell. The mistake cost me a couple of spots and I ended up in the 4th position,” says Jonass.

“The second race started off unsuccessfully. The rider next to me somehow jumped over the starting gate with his bike and kind of messed up my whole focus, which is why I couldn’t react accordingly and had to start the race from the back of the pack. I had never experienced something like this, to be honest. It sometimes happens that guys run into the gate, but nobody had jumped over before. After this incident, I made a mistake and fell, ending up 6th in the second moto and 5th overall.”

Despite Prado having gained an even greater points advantage over Pauls, the Latvian admits that he is still full of spirits and doesn’t even think of giving up. “Yes, the points gap is bigger now, but there are still 5 GPs to go, a lot can change. I feel good – I have the speed and the physical strength, it’s just that this time the good luck wasn’t on my side. I will continue to train hard and prepare myself for the upcoming races to be able to pull off my best performances. The goal is to finish this season the way I started it.”

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